Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Featured Peep: Nonnie!

This whole week's posts are from my weekend in AZ! It was a great weekend and I got to spend some good time with the Cafiero Family, mostly my Uncle Sal and my Nonnie!

We scooped Nonnie out of her old-folk's home that reminds me of the one from Happy Gillmore! "Meesta! Meesta!", or (Gillmore's granny at her first day in the old folk's home to Ben Stiller, who played the Nurse):

Grandma to Ben Stiller: "Could I trouble you for a warm glass of milk? It helps put me to sleep".
Ben Stiller to Grandma: "You could trouble me for a WARM GLASS OF SHUT THE HELL UP! You will go to sleep, or I will PUT you to sleep! Look at the name tag... you're in MY world now".
Grandma: "ohh dear".

OK, where was I... Oh yeah we grabbed Nonnie and got her makin some meatballs!

Here's the Italian Mamma Mia doing what she does best:

Nonnie was so happy to roll some meat balls, that she did her hair and put on lipstick!

...and off she goes!

She can roll like 80 meatballs per minute!

Nonnie doesn't like being photographed while she's rollin meatballs, so here she is taking a cheap shot and throwing a meat ball at my expensive L Series Lens.

Sadly I had to leave and I didn't get to eat any. Oh well it wasn't splurge day anyway. But apparently it was the dog's splurge day.

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