Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jill and Jose, Arizona

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding for the daughter of one of my dad's close family friends in AZ. They got married at Our Lady of Carmel, which just happens to be the same church that my dad's family went to as kids! Small world!

The bride, Jill was in a great mood on Saturday. I think it was probably because she was GETTING MARRIED!!!!!! fact she was so psyched, that she started spinning around with joy!

Suddenly a gust of wind came and things took a turn for the worse...

Tune in to FOX for their shocking collection of "WHEN VEILS ATTACK" the veil proceeds to choke the bride, much like a python! Onlookers laugh and refrain from helping!

This is our family friend, Bob! Bob has known me since I was just a sparkle in my mom's eye. I have seen him on occasion throughout my life and he is one of the nicest guys ever! Totally genuine. I love his mustache, he's had it for as long as I can remember and his eyes are always happy. I don't know if that makes sense. I guess you'd have to meet him...

Jose is a sharp looking guy with an incredible Hispanic family full of tradition and culture!

Jose's sister is way too serious.


Father Daughter Dance

The band was a really cool Salsa band. Jose's family is really in to Salsa dancing and this band totally wore every one of them out. They were AMAZING. They are called Orquesta Salsabor! They had drums, bongos, trumpets, saxophones, a keyboard, and two singers who also played tambourines and morraccas!
The singer had a great voice, was totally energetic and SAUCY!

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