Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Alethea and Nema

Last weekend I shot another beautiful wedding, this time at the Villa Siena in Scottsdale, AZ! Alethea and Nema are Persian and I am loving these multi-cultural weddings! I feel like I have been travelling the world, seeing all the cool food, tradition and dancing! I photographed my first Persian Wedding last season, also in Arizona, the Boojum Tree, Scottsdale. That's how I got this wedding, through word of mouth, which is how I am getting most of my jobs these days.

The Villa Siena is a really cool spot for a wedding. It's a photographer's playground! I had so much fun! Never got bored!

Rose petals in the fountains. I love rose petals. Does that make me "metro"?

Meet the bride, Alethea!

There's creepy photographer guy! Hey it's a tradition!

Tears smear mascara. I don't know from personal experience. Here a bridesmaide drys tears of anticipation!

The couple! Alethea and Nema!

Nema's dad is awesome. He reminds me of my dad. Just always smiling and I LOVED photographing him!

Anyone who knows me, knows I live in my flip flops. These are too pretty for my feet.

These flower girls were very cute. Here they are getting primped up before their big walk down the aisle!

The guy on the right is the brother of the bride from the Persian wedding I shot last season. Super nice guy!

Here are the flower girls doing their thing!

I knew when I caught the couple making out in the halls, it would be a keeper!

Aletha, looking just RAVISHING...

OK, I have blogged about how the Koreans and Indian people dance. Now the Persians love dancing more than any culture I've seen so far!

This is Nema who interesting enough had a complete choreographed dance to "BYE BYE BYE", from the Backstreet Boys.

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