Thursday, June 01, 2006

Say What?

I am dry on ideas for a fun blog post tonight, I'm busy editing images from all of my weddings from the past few weeks, but I love this blog, it gives me such a great excuse to take a little break and recharge!

The television in on in the other room and I heard one of Volkswagon Jetta's new commercials. I think it's hilareous and genious. It shows a 20-something year old guy picking up a girl at her parents home for a date. The girls dad, who looks like just a really nice guy says, "hey, the weather is great today, maybe you two could go on a little hike!".

The guy gets FURIATED and says, "YOU go take a hike! Not every Jetta owner likes hiking ya know".

The girl is all, "Daaaaad!" and her dad is like, "What?"... totally dumbfounded. It makes me laugh every time.

(Oh by the way, sometimes I type things like "she was all" and "I was like". Etc...) Just me being silly, folks. I don't really talk that way. On a related note, in college I broke up with a girl because she decided she wanted to start talking "baby talk". That's not very attractive.

The genious part is that there really are stereo types about Jetta owners. I was shopping for a Jetta, but I'm not a "metro" kind of guy. People think I am because I wear "product" in my hair when I go out with people. Anyway I got an Audi instead and now I REALLY get made fun of by my "uber" friends. Sometimes you just can't win. Fact is, I'm a mountain man, but I don't think my wedding clients would appreciate me parking a muddy lifted jeep via valet at the Four Seasons for their fancy champagne wedding.

This is Derek Zoolander. When I talk "Metro" this is what I mean.
When I first got started in the business professionally I didn't even have a studio. I'd meet clients at Starbucks and would hide my Jeep, parking it WAAAAAY in the back. The door fell off of it once and I had to drive to a wedding with no driver side door. I thought I could hide it, but the bride saw me as I hopped in. At the reception she said something like, "nice jeep." and not in a complimentary way. It wasn't long before I sold the Jeep for $1500 bucks and got a nice Audi A4, which I LOVE.

All the fellow Ski Patrollers make fun of me now and call me "metro-boy" and my good friend, Matt Norfleet said I am officially metro now because I style my hair, wear fancy lookin jeans, and the clencher: "muscular, but not strong". Ouch. That one hurt. I guess it's true. Whenever I go to the gym I can't seem to bench nearly as much as all of the no-necks around me.

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