Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Seoul Train! India Style! Robert and Mina

This weekend I had another great wedding! This was so cool, I had two very strong cultures coming together to celebrate the wedding of Mina, whose family comes from India, and Robert, from Korea! I loved every second of working with the two of them and their families. I even got the chance to photograph two wedding ceremonies from one couple, in two days.

Here's an artsy shot from the rehearsal dinner at the Wynkoop Brewery.

Something that was really interesting was comparing the dance moves between the two families. Mina's Indian family danced the night away, pointing their index fingers in the air. I almost got my eye poked out a few times as I tried to get some nice dance shots. Robert's Korean family danced with flat hands extended, kind of karate chop movements. Let me just tell you that the dance floor was dangerous that night!

Anyway, here are some shots from their very cool wedding!

Mina's Indian Wedding Ceremony. I ws hoping she'd have the traditional hand painting (sorry I know there's a name for it), but she is a doctor and says that paint takes a good couple of weeks to get off. Robert is also a doctor!

Her hands still look pretty, even without ink!

Here, they hung a sheet between the two of them before they got to see each other.

I got a ton more great shots from the India ceremony, but I have limited # of shots I can post here, so we'll move on. Here's Mina and Robert after the ceremony and their doggie, Sadie. Isn't Sadie, just the sweetest, most adorable, little furry creature EVER???


Not so cute anymore, eh? That dog was VICIOUS! (Just kidding. I was photographing her as she was yawning!)

Saturday soon came and the weather was beautiful! Their wedding was at the beautiful Sanctuary Golf Club. I LOVE working there!

I met Mina on Saturday at the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek. Check out the gift baskets that the other guests got when they checked into their hotel! This is one of their engagement photos that I took of them in Downtown Denver!

Antoine du Chez, getting hair done.

Here's Mina, about to surprise Robert. She can see him, he can't see her!!! SNEAKY!

Robert's reaction... he's PSYCHED!

Mina's mother is a beautiful Indian Princess!

The aisle. Rose petals!

Mina was worried that I wouldn't get a good shot of her and her father walking down the aisle because her friend recently got married and the photographer totally missed that shot. That's crazy. Not THIS photographer, Mina! :)

Reflections are cool!

One of my favorite parts of being at weddings is hearing the toasts. This is Robert's brother. His toast was HILAREOUS! I wanted to press rewind to hear it again. Probably one of the funniest toasts I've heard. I was impressed.

Groomsman, getting a little fancy on the dancefloor. Be careful man!

Again, a sweet Rolls to pick up the bride and groom.

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