Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ben & Stefanie, Denver Country Club!

Last weekend I photographed the wedding of Ben and Stefanie, two school teachers who are IN LOVE!!! Sometimes you can really feel it at a wedding and theirs was no exception. So here's their story. I threw in a bunch of extra shots, since I didn't get these up the following day, which is what I usually shoot for. I'm a slacker! No I'm not!

These were photographed at the Denver Country Club and I want to give a special shout to Amber, who was their catering manager. She was AWESOME. She got me everything I needed for the reception slide show and otherwise... and was so accomodating that I thought I was in some sort of great dream. Thanks Amber!!

Nice shoes!

The wedding programs. I LOVE outdoor ceremonies!!!!

Stefanie is happy because well, she's gettin hitched! She looks great, even before her make up!

Beautiful flower girl in anticipation!

I never got a chance to see who the dress is by, but it was very elegant!


Mom, putting an antique necklace on Stefanie.

Bridesmaide puts on Stefanie's garter, while others keep her upright!

Trying to get a sneak peek of the wedding site, awaiting her arrival!

These are music CDs, party gifts for the guests.

Groomsmen, doing what they do best... horsin around.

Here comes the bride!

I Love it when there are rose petals in the aisle!

Ben's dad's reaction to "the kiss"

I took probably the largest group photo in my life at this wedding. I'll put up the grand daddy in another post, but here's a close-up with my Canon 70-200 2.8 IS L Lens.

Let the party begin!

It's like artwork that you put in your mouth...

NOT to put in your mouth. This is for smelling and looking at.

Ben and Stefanie, listening to toasts...

The engagement photo I took of them last winter in Breckenridge!

Guess what song they are listening to, and you win a prize!

OK... as I was packing up, I realized I didn't get my famous mirror shot that my peeps like so much. So I decided I better not let down my peeps, so here are a few before going home. My dawgs were barkin, but I can't let down my peeps!

OK, so I got a little carried away!

...OK REALLY CARRIED AWAY. I was havin fun!

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