Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back in my hippie daze.

I was going through some old stuff and found this old press pass from college. I was the photo editor at the campus news paper, the UNC Mirror! So being the top dogg (that's right, with two g's... the double-g, ya see), I got to go to DIA before it was open to the public. Check out my fro! That was in the early stages of my fro. It got really huge, to the point where it would bounce when I walked.

Anyway, that was a day to remember. It was the big press day. I got to DIA and found myself amongst some of the top journalists in the country. CNN was there MSNBC, FOX News, New York Times, some big shot AP journalists etc... then little ol' me from the local campus paper. Everyone had the nicest equipment and I had a 35mm Canon EOS Elan and a cheapo 28-80mm lens.

It was so fun being at DIA before it was open to the public. I remember being blown away because it was so much more contemporary than that old Stapleton Airport. Anyway, that's what I looked like in college.

My darkroom was so cool. It was in the main campus building, in the Mirror office. I had a fridge that was always stocked with Mickey's 40s and a stereo that I would play snoop doggy dogg on. I was such a wierdo. But I loved that darkroom. It was my life! My hands always smelled like fixer, and I took pride in my ability to roll film onto a spool. We had two kinds of spools. I was so cool I preferred the old school metal spools, opposed to the new plastic ones with the fancy winding mechanism.

I don't really listen to rap anymore and I haven't had a "40" in years. But I'd like to! For old times sake! :)

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