Monday, June 12, 2006


I have a little tradition of mine that started about a year ago, I suppose.

It started one evening when I was shooting a wedding in Cherry Creek at the JW Marriott. I was done at around 10:00ish and right next door is Hapa Grill, a pretty decent sushi place. I dropped in for some sushi, and it felt so good to sit, relax, and have a little Saki and Sushi, that I have pretty much made a tradition out of it!

Now, I eat sushi after just about every wedding I shoot. In fact, as soon as the bride tosses the bouquet, I start dreuling because I know I'm getting close to sushi time!

Saturday I photographed a beautiful and FUN wedding for Mina and Robert. I'll post those later. They hired me for my unlimited coverage package, so I decided to do my sushi after their rehearsal dinner instead, at my favorite sushi spot in Denver, Sushi Den!

I called Jenny and invited her and bless her heart, she got all dolled up and we made a really nice date out of it! After sushi, we walked by a creepy costume store and I got some shots of their SCARRRRRY storefront!
Let's see here... there's Unagi (eel) in the back left. FIRECRACKER Tuna Roll (with the jalepeno), can't forget the traditional California roll (back right), Salmon (front, orange), and tuna (front, red). For those of you non-sushiites, the little green blob is WASABI! (I like that word) and ginger (front left, yellow).

Ginger is like soap for your mouth so that you can taste the next piece of sushi for the total sushi experience. WASABI! is a Japanese horsey-sauce with a lot of BITE.

For starters, we ordered... shoot, I forgot the name of this. It's a common cold dish of tomatoes, cilantro, onion, and other stuff, mixed with seafood (calamari, shrimp, etc.). It's gaspacho, basically, but a lot better! Jenny likes to talk to her food before she eats it. In this particular incident, Jenny and her food got into a yelling match with each other. They totally caused a scene and it was really embarrassing. I always tell her to leave politics out of her conversation with food. Here she goes!

Here are some shots from this creeeeepy costume store near Sushi Den. Here's a creepy unicorn and a woman.

Here's a creepy girl costume. Isn't it adorable? NO, actually it's FREAKY! I don't know why anyone would want one of these costumes. It reminds me of creepy porcelain dolls that you find at grandparents homes. Thankfully I think my grandparents are too cool for those dolls. They always look like they are watching you.

This lady isn't as creepy. In fact, she's almost attractive. Nevermind, I take that back. CREEPY!

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