Thursday, June 22, 2006

Birthday Boy (Part 1)

Welp, yesterday was my 30th Bday and I decided that I wanted to start it off right, so I woke up at 6 AM and drowe out to Boulder and ran Mt. Sanitas, which is a short 3 mile loop, but with about a 1600 vertical gain. I just wanted to run the whole thing without bonking out and I did! I used to run that trail when I was living in Boulder a few years ago, and training for the Pikes Peak Marathon. It's a quick run to excersize your lungs! Here are some shots taken with my little point and shoot camera. The best part of my birthday was the Italian dinner party I had at my dad's home. I'll post those later because I have to catch another flight to AZ for the Erickson wedding!

Self-portrait, about to head off for the summit. My old P.R. was 26:52 to the top, when I used to run it weekly. I surprised myself and ran it in just over 27 minutes today.

Shot at the summit of Mt. Sanitas. You can't see the start of the trail, but it's all the way down there. It's a really beautiful jaunt!

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