Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Old School!

Nowadays I don't get to watch TV. My life is consumed with photography, editing, editing, more editing, making albums, DVDs, photo cds, consultations, marketing, branding (blog fits in there), etc... I do commit 15-30 minues of each day to stop what I'm doing and watch Conan O'Brian. He's the best.

So I have decided to pay tribute to the great TV shows of my time, since television has influenced me so much in my life.

Oh Thundercats. You taught me to respect my feline friends. Our family cat, Penny was a Thundercat. I think the Thundercats should market their own Kitty Litter. The most powerful Kitty Litter EVER! If it can deodorize a Thundercat's litter box...

Who needs science class when McGyver is on TV? Now I know how to build a bomb with duct tape, a chocolate bar, hair dryer, and a snorkle. Thanks McGyver! Nice hair!

I Pity the FOO! Mr. T. You have taught me so many things.

You put up a mean fight, and call people fools, but you ended each episode of the A-Team with a positive message, like "Stay in School" (which I did), and "Drink yo milk!" (which I do). Thanks for all your positive Jibba-Jabba. Nice hair!

Jack Tripper. I loved the scenes where he and Janet would be installing a shower curtain, while Mr. Roper is evesdropping on their conversation, which doesn't sound like they are installing a shower curtain.

The whole reason I am doing Body for Life is so that I can compete in American Gladiators. Well no one ever told me that it's no longer airing! NOW WHAT! I miss you, Lace! I'll get you, TURBO!One of my favorite TV shows of all time, "The Broncos". Usually it aired on Sundays and the main actor, John Elway was amazing. I believe it was filmed with a live studio audience.

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