Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Birthday Boy Part II, and Belated Fathers Day!

So, where was I... last week I celebrated my 30th and Fathers Day (since I was working in AZ that weekend) in Monument with my Dad and a whole bunch of friends.

Meet my dad, Mario Cafiero! He's a hard working optimist. Someday I'll post about my own three categories of people. There are pessimists, optimists, and optimist achievers. That's my dad, an optimist achiever and the inventor of the Schmop. It's a shoe/mop. He can mop your floors with his feet. He made millions off that invention. OK, not really. But his floor is totally clean!

Here he is with the pasta machine, my sisters and I got him for Father's Day. I'm posting an extra shot of his gift so my sisters can see what they got him for Father's Day! ;)

Thank-you hug to one another. That's my dad! I love that guy!!! Photo by Jenny!

We also got him som gourmet extra virgin olive oil, a parmesan cheese knife and a sweet black leather and steel peppermill!

He whipped up an AMAZING spread that included Eggplant Parmesan (of course), Lasagna, Roasted Leg of Lamb, Penne with meatballs and snausage, Antipasti, olives, good bread and cocktails! Oh and dessert, what else but a nice cannoli!

Nothing beats a Manhattan and Olives! The Manhattan is an old-timers drink, but it's a special cocktail in the Cafiero family. My Dad used to drink Man-attans (my grandfather didn't pronounce his "h's") with his dad, and now I can't go home without having one with my dad, too!

The Antipasti!

More photos by the talented Jenny you all know about...

No, it's not a human heart. Get your mind out of the gutter! Those are delicious roasted peppers, waiting to be cut up and arranged beautifully! There goes my dad, he's a cook-a-holic!

Thanks to all my peeps who made it to the party. It was a gggggggggggreat time!

Here's Jenny and Terence, holding a big honkin piece of bread. I'm heading off on another outdoor adventure soon with T. Lookin forward to it!

The grand finale of the event was a surprise that Jenny made for me. Bless her heart, she just is the sweetest thing! She went to my parent's places and dug up all these photos of me from baby-sized to the more large size, and put them all together in an awesome DVD slideshow to music. It was so cool because I have been working my glutes off these days and it's like my childhood was starting to disappear in my mind, but these photos really brought me back to some really special times in my life! It was strange, seeing me as a little shaver, even though I was a complete angel. :) I loved it though, and as my Uncle says, "everyone had sand in their eyes" after watching it. Thank You Jenny!!!

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