Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MC Paparazzi

A couple years ago I was visiting my cousin Laurie in the Bay Area, CA. She lives in Palo Alto, but we went out to San Francisco. YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GUESS WHAT HAPPENED.

...which is why I will tell you. Anyway, we were walking through town and went by this huge park. There were all these really nice studio lights set up. So I told Laurie to stand in the light so I could get a nice portrait of her. Of course I just happened to have my Canon EOS 1D Mark II Camera and my 70-200mm 2.8 IS L Lens with me. I took her photo and then got yelled at by this movie director guy. Turns out we were on the set of a movie that Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo was in. Somehow we managed to get by security and were hanging out on the set of this movie! As soon as I found out that I was among celebrities, I got into Paparazzi mode.

We saw Reese and Ruffalo on the set and so I started to take photos. I wasn't the only one doing this. Every passer-by with a camera stopped. Just happened that I had a long professional lens. I got singled out. Reese's bodyguard or something smacked my camera and broke my flash! I didn't know it was broken until later or else I would have put the guy in a strangle hold. Maybe not. He was twice my size.

Here's the damage done to my precious Canon Speedlight 580 EX, a'la REESE WITHERSPOON and company! Cracked my LCD!

I toyed with the guy and would casually walk away, then quickly I'd point my camera right over to Reese and Mark! Then he'd start walking briskly over to me, which is when I'd start casually walking away. I did this for a good half hour. It was hilareous!

Anyway, here are the shots. :)

Mark Ruffalo. Not to be confused with Mark Cafiero.

Oh man, Reese is lucky that Jenny was not there to see her trying to kiss me!

Here are some shots of Reese and Mark, chillin out. Reese is a GHOST in this movie. Don't be scared though. She's a happy ghost and doesn't want to hurt anyone. I just noticed in the background of this shot, you can actually see Mr. Meat Head, glaring at me! (upper right hand corner!).

Here's a few other people with Reese and Mark. I never saw them in the movie. But they had sushi on the set. Maybe they were bringing Mark and Reese some sushi. Mark and Reese are happy.

The title of the movie at the time was "If only it were true". That's what was embroidered on all the directors chairs, but they changed it to "Heaven Sent" or "Heaven only Knows" or something like that. Jenny and I rented it last week. It's a chick flick, but I actually enjoyed it! I saw the exact scenes that these shots are from.

If you look close enough in the movie, you can actually see a big meat head of a bodyguard smacking an innocent wedding photographer's camera! ;) You owe me, Reese!

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