Sunday, May 14, 2006

When two Italians Marry...

Last night I photographed a long awaited wedding for Marie and Dan, of Scottsdale, AZ. It was everything I could have ever hoped for as a photographer. But that's no surprise because Marie and Dan are both Italian. Paisanos! I love a good Italian wedding. They were seriously the nicest people EVER.

Victoria Canada, as expected, did an amazing job, keeping things on track, and astounding everyone with her thoughtful decor and surprises throughout the night.

I met Marie at 9:00 AM at Sachi Salon in Scottsdale. It was a very cool place, and everyone there was super nice. They run a solid operation and I could tell that their stylists were top notch.
I love this wide angle shot of the salon. See if you can find Marie! I've been on a ceiling fan kick lately. I don't know why, but I love cool ceiling fans. I'm such a freak! :)

Speaking of freaks, there's that creepy guy again.

Then we were off to the Royal Palms Resort. Holy cow, is that place nice. Nice is an understatement. It's absolutely GORGEOUS (there I am, sounding MetroSexual again). Every time I mentioned to people from AZ that I was off to the Royal Palms and Troon (reception), people whould ooh and ahh. Now I know why!

We got some nice make-up shots and bridal portraits.
Next stop, the church. Beautiful ceremony. The church coordinator had some pretty hefty rules about where I was allowed to shoot. This happens occasionally because there are a lot of low-class photographers out there who don't know a thing about etiquette. They get all up in the faces of the bride and groom during the ceremony and are a total distraction. Therefore it gives the entire business of wedding photography a bad reputation and as a result we are set with very strict rules. Oh well, we still got some awesome shots!

After the wedding, a vintage Bentley was supposed to be awaiting for the drive out to the reception. Despite their good reputation, it turned out to be a no-show. I wish I knew the name of that company so I could EXPOSE them like my man, Tom Martino, but they pretty much didn't show up.

Most brides would FLIP OUT, but not Marie. I ended up their chauffeur for the trip in my Mitsubishi rental compact car! They laughed it off and Dan mentioned that we were just downgrading slightly to a "Mistubentley". He also reminded Marie, "See, I told you we should have rented a Ferrari". :)

Here they are, in the Mitsubentley! That's not so bad, is it?

And much credit again to Victoria Canada, who pulled off a miracle and got an even nicer vintage Rolls Royce to pick them up from the reception at the end of the night.
And finally some more miscellaneous shots.

I also want to make a real point to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the folks at Troon Golf Course. Anyone in AZ and any GOLFER in the world knows about Troon. It's one of the nicest courses in the US and very expensive if you ever want to hit a round out there. Some of the greats in golfing make it a point to hit up Troon when visiting Scottsdale, which is a golfer's mecca in itself.

But let me tell you a little about the great service and attention I got at Troon. Some of my packages come with a slideshow of the wedding images from the Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Day Preparation shots, Ceremony shots, and even some shots from the reception. While guests are eating dinner, I'm picking out about 30-50 of my favorite shots, storing them on my iPod and then I plug it in to a TV or flatscreen or projector. Well the TV at Troon was not responding to my iPod. They could tell I was disappointed, so they actually sent someone out to get a new TV! 45 minutes later, they had a new monitor for me! We got it working and next thing you know, Dan and Marie's guests were enjoying my slideshow. They loved it and I got a ton of compliments. It's only fair that I say thanks to everyone at Troon. I have never been so well taken care of as a photographer in my life.

Oh and vendor meals were the most scrumptuous salad and Prime Rib. Awesome! Only at a place like Troon, would a silly ol photographer like me get a meal like this:

Thanks Marie and Dan for having me out to Scottsdale to photograph your wedding. I had a great time!


marie said...

Thanks Mark for doing our wedding!! We had SO much fun and really enjoyed your company and your escort via the mitsubently to our reception!! :o)

We CAN'T WAIT to see the photos -- you do such wonderful work... no one better to capture our special memories... we're so glad Victoria connected us!

Aunt B said...

As one of the lucky folks who attended the beautiful wedding of Dan & Marie . . . I can't thank you enough for the beautiful photographs that you have shared with us. You captured so many beautiful memories (doesn't hurt that this couple are two of the most photogenic people on the planet) and seemed invisible at the same time. Thanks again - you added much to the wonderful day. Aunt B