Saturday, May 06, 2006

Allenspark, Colorado Wedding!

I just got home from shooting a really great wedding in Allenspark, CO, which is sort of near Estes Park. This wedding was at the Wild Basin Lodge, which was my first time shooting there. I loved it and hope to shoot there again! Meet Dina and Cameron. I loved working with them, they were just totally laid back and cool and just wanted to have a great wedding for their guests to witness.

Here's Dina's reaction to... probably some funny joke I told. ;)

Wine, anyone?

I loved the clouds today!

This might count as one of my favorite ring shots!

Gotta love a good embrace.

Who's this creepy guy that keeps showing up in the background with a camera? This shot was 100% intentional. It's just something I do at every wedding for some reason. I'll post my gallery soon!

Detail shot from the Wild Basin Lodge!

I love this shot. This was the mother of the bride. She's in a wheel chair and doesn't come out of it often, but her son insisted that she get up and dance. You can really tell how great of a time she's having! You should have seen her dance! She was absolutely loving it. As she headed out I heard her say, "Oh dear, that was really a nice time". :) I have some great shots of her dancing, but I REALLY like the reaction shot.

Check out this Colorado Sunset! Ya gotta love the Colorado Rockies!!! (NOT the baseball team... just in general. You pickin up what I'm layin down?)

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