Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hank... H-A-N-K, Hank

After looking over my posts and my 6 Peeps weekly announcements, I noticed that my spelling and grammar has gotten lazy! How unprofessional of me!

As a former 5th Grade Spelling Bee champion who made it all the way to the regional competition (finally lost to the word, "physician"), I am sorry to say that I have lost my pride... but I'm going to try to get it again! Announcing new spell-checked 6 Peeps from here on out! Maybe if I start updating my blog during the day when I'm not half-asleep will help.

NOW... sometimes I intentionally mis-spell words, so that doesn't count. Just because it's fun. Sometimes I like to mispronounce words, just to get a reaction. That's fun, too. I like talking to my dad and saying things like, "I'm in the mood for a good expresso"... one time I was telling him a story and I kept saying, "So I says" (blah blah blah), and "THEN I says" (blah blah blah). Or I'll pronounce "groceries" as grosheries". It gets him all fired up. It's funny.

Even with my friends, I'll say something like, "I expecially love this or that" and I watch their faces to see if they caught it or not. You can tell by looking at them. I just want someone to correct me, but no one does!

If anyone knows me, they know I like to get reactions out of people. I like making up far-fetched stories and seeing if I can convince people that they are true. Once I had someone convinced that Ben & Jerry's has a new ice cream called Burrito Supremo and that it's a play off of Taco Bell and that the ice cream is refried bean flavored with swirls of sour cream and cheese pieces. That was fun. :)

Anyway, back to the spelling... spell check and grammar check for now on, people! No more lookin like a horses - - - in public! ;)

(shot from my car window. I just thought it was funny. Hank is so loved that his owner took the time to write his name on his very own trailer!) :)

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