Sunday, May 14, 2006


I gotta give a shout to my mom this mother's day! I have to say, she's the hardest working woman I've ever met. Being a single mom with a couple of rugrats like myself is no easy task, even when your son is an absolute ANGEL like myself.

Here's my mom - she kind of looks like Celine Dion, but prettier. In fact, I remember in college, I was taking a spanish class and the Professora was all, "OK CLASS, today we're going to learn how to say the word 'BEAUTIFUL' in Spanish. Ready... 'LINDA'." I was like, "uh, tell me something I DIDNT know. My mom's name is Linda and she just happens to be beautiful. What a crazy coinkidink! My mom has taught me that nothing comes to you for free. You have to work to get things. And the harder you work, the more results you'll see.

Also, my mom gave me my first camera when I was like, 12 years old. It was a Canon AE-1. I loved that camera. She said, "if you can figure it out, it's yours". I wonder where I'd be now if my mom would have never given me that camera. Anyway, thanks mom, I love you and happy mothers day! Since I'm in AZ, I'm bringing you out to PF Changs next week when I get home!

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