Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ode to my WOMAN...

I just found this shot of my special little lady, Jenny. This was taken at a ski patrol party we had this year. Is she not just the cutest thing ever?

In fact, let me tell you a little more about her. She's my no.1 competitor in Denver, but it's cool, we work together. She's new out here and I really want her to do well, she's crazy talented. As you know, she designed my logo, among help with all sorts of other stuff. She's adding a very nice feminine touch to my packaging and presentation, and every Monday we go on field trips to talk business.

I'm personally a freak when it comes to task management. I have ADD so that's a must for me. I write out all my tasks every morning when I wake up and right before bed. Most girls would think that's wierd, but Jenny supports me so much and has even joined me! We write out our goals every day together and it's so great to have someone in my life who supports me, believes in me, and laughs at my jokes... most of the time!

I finally got to meet her family this last week and they are awesome. Her brother is an extremely passionate chef. It was so fun to watch him work his magic in the kitchen. He's a perfectionist and I'm thinking we'll see him on Food Network some day. Not even kidding. I considered bringing my camera, but you know when you meet the woman's family for the first time, you want to make a good non-paparazzi first impression.

Anyway, this weekend... ON SPLURGE DAY!!! We're taking him and his wife and Walt and Lori, who are close family friends to my personal favorite Greek Restaurant, Yannis. That will be another blog entry for next week! ;)

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