Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just havin some fun

This week I decided to try out a new lab. I've never really had just one lab that I work with consistantly, and decided it would be a good idea to find a lab that can handle all of my jobs. After a lot of research, I've found Fotoworks of Southern California, per Becker Photographer's recommendation is HIS blog. They work with some of the best photographers in the country so I think I can trust them. Also I looked at their product line and they seem to have everything I need to totally wow my wedding clients, so I'm psyched!

To get started, they asked me to send them 5 images to make sure our color calibration is a good match and they are going to send me 5 8x10's for free! Bless their little hearts! Well I didn't know what kind of prints to send em, so I decided to send some of my favorite 6peeps shoots. I had fun playing around with them and in the process I thought of a good way to enforce my brand a little more. That's a secret, but you'll start noticing it more in the future. These images don't employ my new branding idea, but they sparked the idea. Anyway, here are some of my favorite 6 Peep Shots from the past few months!

This is a shot I grabbed driving out to Denver after work one day near A-Basin when I was doing the Ski patrol thing (something I did to give me something to do during my wedding off-season)... why not! I still shot lots of weddings, mostly in AZ, one in Playa del Carmen, MX. Here's one reason I love the mountains so much. Check out that sunset!

One of my favorite shots from my Ski Patrol Rookie Party. I am so happy that I have completed my first season as a Ski Patroller. I had the experience of my life and learned so much about myself. I'm actually pretty good at taking care of wounded skiers with broken bones, dislocations, facial trauma, and all sorts of medical issues. I saw it all this winter, and got some great skiing in (40 hours a week!) and met some really fun peeps. Here's Mark Winchester doing his thing for the camera. In the background, there's Julian Lamarche (black t-shirt), a big-air contestant, and one of the best skiers I've ever met (you should see the that guy huck and jib at the terrain park), and Jake Ziemski (red, black and grey jacket), a stud that all the women dreul over. I've also never seen him in a bad mood. The ladies are various girfriends.

Of course, the vintage pin-up girl shots with the old WWII warbird is a favorite of mine. I'm looking forward to doing another shoot with the planes for a wedding dress company. After these shots got out, I inspired Stephanie James of to do a similar shoot. So next week I'm meeting her and husbend Jim Kennedy , who happens to be one of my top inspirations in this business of wedding photography to do a shoot of her line-up. I'll be posting those soon! Also we got my bride, Amber to model some of her dresses and we're looking forward to seeing Amber "represent" for Stephanie!

Oh man, I just realized I never posted the shots of my dad's sailboat! He has a really cool old 1977 33 foot sailboat that's docked out in Oahu! Jenny and I stayed on the boat when we went out there. We made a really cool poster for my dad, a collage of some nice detail shots. This is one of my fav's. I sent this to Fotoworks to see how their sepia tone prints look. I'll post more images from my dad's boat soon! He loved the poster and even got all teary-eyed when we gave it to him. He loves that boat and I could tell this was a special gift.

OF COURSE, much love to my woman!

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