Sunday, May 21, 2006

CAFIERO, switching to MAC!

OK my peeps, it’s time. Next week I’m diving head first and not looking back into the Apple store here in Cherry Creek and getting my first Mac in years. I was a mac user about 6 years ago. Bilingual, actually. I had a mac for work and PC for personal use. I preferred the PC and decided to go all PC based. I now have three PC machines, and was convinced that the Apple vs. PC debate was all just a bunch of hype, and there’s no way a Mac can make my image work any better. I still don’t…BUT I am sold on the point that PC’s are just way more susceptible to viruses, and crashing, etc. I have been through hell and back on my PCs over the winter. Two got viruses, one required a new hard drive, the other required a new machine altogether. I usually get top of the line stuff too, and my new PC had issues, and I had to deal with getting a replacement, which was just a MESS!! Oh and by the way, all of my wedding clients were safe because I have three copies of all their images on external drives! I am so smart!

Here it is... I'm going with the BIG 20 inch screen!

Then last week, Jenny and I went into an Apple store and were sold immediately after just 5 minutes or so of seeing an iMac in action.

Why do you care? Well let me tell you what I’ll be able to do with my new 6 Peeps blog! (ahem, I mean ‘iBlog’) ...

Once I switch over to iBlog, I’ll have a fully customizable blog and guess what, now you’ll get to see slideshows… to music! Of every wedding I shoot. My plan is to have slideshows for every wedding I shoot, posted here at 6 Peeps within days of shooting an event. There’s more, but you’ll just have to see.

These commercials are pretty good too. You can tell that Apple has a pretty good marketing department. I hope that my new iMac is as good as they make it sound in the commercials.

These advertisements are funny, they feature the guy who played the cheerleader in Dodgeball! (5 D's of Dodgeball, 'DODGE, DIP, DUCK, DIVE, & DODGE'):

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