Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vintage style couture!

Oh man, I had a great weekend! It started with an absolutely beautiful wedding (see Dan and Marie below), and ended with a good 5 hours of shooting a really nice line of wedding dresses and womens business attire for Stephanie James Courture of Huntington Beach, CA. Remember the pin-up girl photos I posted a while ago? Well this caught the eye of Stephanie and her husband Jim Kennedy, who is one of the photographers I admire most in this business. We met at Becker Photographer's workshop in NYC and have kept in touch since then. In Vegas I saw them again at Becker's shin dig and that's when we decided to make this photo shoot happen.

It was a lot of fun, the weather was GREAT for AZ, and I got to get to know Jim and Stephanie a lot better and they are both awesome people. So many photographers are so caught up in their own positioning, that they sometimes forget what is really important to their clients; great, amazing photography, excellent customer service, and just knowing that their business is really appreciated. Well Jim focuses on all three of these things before himself and it's no surprise that the hundred plus brides who hire him each year absolutely love him. Same with Stephanie, who's also a wedding photographer.

Here's a shot of Jim from yesterday, and his wife Stephanie (I took that photo at Becker's workshop in NYC, she was a model for it!) - she's quite the looker! I gave Jim the ride of his life after the shoot to a place where we could all eat some dinner and download our images. You know I am in AZ at least a couple times a month these days, but when we got in the car my ADD really kicked in full force. I impressed Jim with my cognitive map-reading skills, my ability to drive at night with no headlights, and got a few nervous laughs out of him as I skillfully dodged a median, and crazy drivers who didn't know how to drive. ;) What am I doing as a photographer! I need to become an airline pilot. I told Jim that I started taking flying lessons a while back. I can take off on my own, but I can't land yet. As soon as I learn to land, I am bringing Jim and Stephanie out for a flight, a little adventure tour somewhere cool. And poor Stephanie who had to follow me, was dying for a pit stop. Sorry Stephanie!

And here are just a few shots from my shoot. Jim and I were both shooting and by coincidence he was working more with Jamie, the model they brought out from CA and I worked mostly with Amber, so I'm not playing fav's here, I just happen to have more shots of Amber. They were both just PERFECT for this kind of shoot and worked it very well for the camera! I haven't even seen them all yet, these just stuck out from a very quick scan of the images.

Here's Jamie - this shot probably wouldn't work for Stephanie's use because it doesn't show the whole dress, but it's one of my personal fav's.

Jim already thinks I'm a liar because I convinced him I knew where I was going when I was driving (I really thought I did), and now just yesterday I told him that I no longer do the spot coloring thing, and I went on and on about how it's so over-done, and blah blah blah. And so then I go home and do THIS. How can I ever be trusted! ;)

Jamie, looking very elegant...

Amber, doing what she does best...

Thanks again Jim, Stephnanie, Jamie and Amber and Kelli, the hairdresser who really gave these girls a great look!! I hope we got some keepers here for ya!

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