Friday, May 12, 2006


Tonight I went to Los Sombreros ( in Scottsdale for Marie and Dan's Rehearsal Dinner. I'm going to post photos of the people in my next post, but for now I just have to talk about the restaurant! (will ya look at that Guac!)

You will never know the suffering I had to endure tonight. All these people eating this amazing looking and smelling mexican food! Marie and Dan are so nice, they kept insisting that I eat and Marie, who is one of the peeps should know from this blog that I am doing the Body for Life and I can only eat whatever I want on Splurge Day. But she insisted anyway. We made a deal and I walked out with enchiladas to go! I'm going to eat em on Sunday!!!! Thanks Marie! Bless her little heart!

Here's Marie holding a bridal gift.

And Dan is happy because he's surrounded by some amazin Mexican Food (and because he's getting married tomorrow!)

Just to show you what was tempting me all night: (Don't worry Dan and Marie, I got some GREAT shots of your guests, even though I was a little distracted).

I don't know what this was called but I want to eat it.

And I want to drink this.

And the people who are responsible for my suffering. The main chef and owner of the restaurant is third from the left. I didn't get his name but he was a REALLY nice guy and the other owner was there too, Juanita!

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