Tuesday, May 30, 2006

$4000 for a wedding album??

I know it seems rediculous. I just got my studio sample for the famous $4,000 album set. It's a three-album set that comes in a beautiful leather triple slip case. It's the Leather Craftsmen 3500 series flush album. Comes with my Mandolino package, which I have named in honor of my grandfather. I photographed these at my studio this morning. Later I'm going to do a more comprehensive blog post featuring my WHOLE studio, including the flat-screen, martini bar, 1600 square feet of shooting area, and even my very own staffed Starbucks! (kind of!)

The first volume holds images from the "preparation" of the wedding. You know, the bride getting ready, guys fooling around, some nice detail shots, etc.

The second volume holds images from the "ceremony". Father walking the bride down the aisle, the exchange of rings, all that good stuff!

The third book is of the "Celebration"! The party, details, cake, dancing, etc... (my favorite book).

Check out this classy cork finish on the inside of the cover! And that classy logo (design by my delicate flower, Jenny!).

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