Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Secret Weapons!

I don’t know how many of my peeps are self employed, but it’s definitely not easy. I’m about to post (next week), a more comprehensive story of my journey from being a liquor store employed ski bum in Silverthorne to Wedding Photographer in AZ, CO and wherever people want to have me.

But to make a long story short, it’s an extra challenge being the ADD person that I am. A long time ago, I read a study of a Harvard class where the professor took a poll to see if any of his students were in the habit of writing out their goals. Of his entire class, there were just six students who admitted to writing out their goals every day. He saved the list.

Ten years later, the same professor contacted all the members of his class (or as many as he could, I’m sure), and took another poll in regard to their income. There were exactly six students who reported making over $1 Million dollars a year. You guessed it, they were the same students who wrote out their goals.

My goal in life is not to become a millionaire. It is simply to succeed in doing what I love, which is wedding photojournalism. As of now, my goal is to photograph the nicest weddings and the most beautiful venues in the world. I love traveling and I love witnessing the birth of marriage between two people. It's awesome to look through a 200 mm lens into the eyes of a bride as she's listening to her fiance's vows at the very moment of their wedding ceremony. Sounds silly to most people, but I love capturing the emotions and personalities of the friends and family of those two people. I love photography. Always have.

Anyway, I have been writing out my goals every morning and again every night for years. I write out my goals for the day, month, year, 5 years, and 10 years. Twice a day. I never allow myself to fall asleep before I’ve taken the 10 minutes or whatever to write it all out, and I do not do a SINGLE thing when I wake up, until after I’ve written them down again.

I feel totally blessed that I have found Jenny because she not only supports this crazy habit, but she has taken it to a new level. She designed these cool goal books that have my logo on them. I have new pages that I never had until now that I fill out, like what I'm going to do THIS WEEK to improve myself… (with several tables: financially, personally, on efficiency, and health & fitness).
My Blackberry phone is awesome, too. It allows me to respond to email quickly if it’s urgent. The calendar feature syncs to Outlook so whenever I get a wedding inquiry, I can tell right away if I’m available or not.

Finally, the little leather book is something that Becker Photographer gave to me at his work shop in NYC. Becker is one of the hot photographers in Orange County, CA. I use the book all the time to write out ideas whenever they come to me.

People assume that having your own business means you can just do whatever, whenever, that you can just sleep in if you want. I wish I could just sleep in and eat Bon-Bons in my boxers all day, watching reruns of The Brady Bunch. Or McGyver. That guy is so cool.

Anyway, there’s a peek into the day in the life of me… Some think I am a workaholic, but I do make a real effort to put the work away one day a week and just have fun. SPLURGE DAY!

Here's a shot Jenny took at one of our EARLY MORNIN coffee and goal writing sessions! I love this shot!

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