Thursday, May 18, 2006

My New Competition

Recently Gina, my older sister sent in some images that my nephew Jay took with her point and shoot when they went to visit my other sister, Katherine. Jay is I think 5 years old now and Gina, please don't let Jay move in on my territory here in CO or AZ.

Photos by 5 year-old Jay Radovcich:

OK, Jay has a thing for animal butts. I'm going to pretend I didn't notice.

Marlin's Hiney:

Tootse's Hiney:

I love this shot, a little action shot of Tootse, ready to put the smack down on Marlin:

Here's a shot of Jay's foot:

And a close up of Katherine, my younger sister's mouth. Heavy, profound stuff, Jay! To me, this image represents life and society, and ummm... yeah, life and society today.

Way to go JayBird!!!! You're a great photographer and I can't wait for more submissions!!!!

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