Monday, March 27, 2006

My Pin-Up Bride

I just got back from AZ where I photographed one of my brides for this wedding season. Actually, I'll be heading right back to AZ the weekend after next to shoot her wedding. I'm totally psyched to shoot it. She is obviously stunning and her fiance sounds really cool, a punk rocker bassist guy with lots of tattoos and a mohawk! I think his "tux" on the wedding day will consist of Dickies, Con-All Stars, that kind of thing. And Amber is going to be wearing a really cool, form-fitting dress. I love weddings that step away from the traditional! I don't think there will be any chicken dance at their wedding! WOO HOO!

Here's Amber being a 1940's pin up model. The airplane is mine. That's right. (OK, it's not, but after that shoot, I am convinced I need to get me one). Great job Amber, that was a fun shoot. And I hope when she becomes a famous model/actress, she'll give me some serious props.

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