Friday, February 10, 2006

what my clients think of me...

One of my brides for 2006 had a funny dream about me. Actually a very scary dream, accoding to her. This is too funny for me not to post. Direct from her email (I'll be nice and keep her name private!):

"Also, about that
dream that i had, i am scared to tell you this for fear you might think i am
crazy, but you strike me as the type of person with a good sense of humor, so i
wanted to tell you. In my dream you actually were taking pictures of everyone
else, but i just missed the boat. Anyway, the funny part was that you actually
had three legs, but one of them had a horse foot with a horse shoe and
everything. and as James later pointed out, this would probably be a good thing
for you, because you could be your own personal tri-pod. I thought that was
funny. But then later in the dream you transformed into this old hippie guy
with long dreadlocks that just kept smoking pot the whole time instead of taking
pictures, and then you had three arms, and then i woke up. Sorry if this freaks
you out, but i just thought it was funny. I have weird dreams a lot though, so
who knows."

Any dream experts that can translate this one?

Also a groom of mine who was supposed to get married last May couldn't because he was involved in a tragic snowboarding accident at my very own Keystone. The crazy thing is that after thinking about it, I am 99% sure that I was skiing the same run as him on the day of his accident... I was about a minute in front of him and didn't even realize it. I remember the day in April well because I was attending the new hire clinic at Keystone, when a snowboarder was flown out Flight for Life. I didn't realize it was a groom of mine until a few weeks later when his fiance emailed me to tell me that he was in a coma.

Then Thanksgiving weekend I got a great email from Scott. No longer in a coma! Scott is now hiking and man, if you check out his blog, you can tell that Scott is now living each day for what it's worth. I respect Scott so much for his passion for photography, the Colorado outdoors and cooking! Scott, I want to try your famous pizza. And if you look deep into his blog, you'll see I am even featured in a photograph. I'm honored, but it's kind of a funny shot! Check out his blog! Scott, I'm glad to have you back!

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