Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Yesterday we had our Rookie Party here with the Ski Patrol. Basically, it's tradition that every year the rookie patrollers must host a party, and it better be good... like I have said, being a rookie patroller can be compared remarkably to pledging a fraternity! "Yes Sir, may I have another?!?!".

The party was a good time though. I didn't... but lots of people dressed up. There seemed to be some confusion of the theme. Some thought it was a rock star party, others thought it was a bowling fashion party. I'm not sure what theme Mark Winchester was going for, but it worked!

Jenny, my girlfriend and business competitor ;) , bowled a 122. Check out that perfect form.

I bowled a 172, and I only had one frame that game that wasn't a strike or spare. I think I got 8 spares, 2 strikes and a "9". I even got a "split". The pins were a part from each other and I deftly maneuvered the ball to tip one over to intentionally slide across to knock down the other. OK, it was luck, but I still celebated with shots of Jaagermeister. ;)

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